Safety Step, 4" X 17.5", 2 Pack

  • Item Number:
  • 05680
  • Product Type:
  • Cargo Accessory

Description: With a skid resistant surface that takes advantage of patented technologies, KEEPER®'s 4" x 17.5" Safety Step® is perfect for replacing worn tread surfaces on running boards or for adding security to stairs in any location. The Safety Step® is performance manufactured from EPDM rubber that resists damage from sunlight and ozone, so it remains intact longer than the original tread. A specially formulated adhesive makes the KEEPER® Safety Step® easy to apply and ensures that it permanently adheres to wood, metal, fiberglass, concrete, or any other clean surface.

  • Skid Resistant Surface, 4"x 17.5"
  • Specially Formulated Adhesive
  • Applies Easily, Stays Put
  • EPDM, Sunlight & Ozone Resistant

1 Year Limited Warranty