Rubber Strap, 19" EPDM, Bulk

  • Item Number:
  • 06219
  • Product Type:
  • Rubber

Description: KEEPER® engineered an EPDM rubber compound to take rubber straps to the next level of strength and durability. Unlike straps manufactured from cheap, inferior rubber, these straps will not crack, rot, or lose rebound qualities, even if used infrequently. This rubber remains nonbrittle in temperatures as low as -40°F and is not damaged by sunlight, ozone, or demanding weather. Tough zinc plated, steel hooks resist corrosion and do not bend, break, or rust as easily as other straps, making KEEPER® EPDM Rubber Straps the best choice whenever you need a reliable strap.

  • 19" Compounded EPDM Rubber Strap will not Crack, Rot or Lose Rebound Qualities
  • Corrosive & Low Temperature Resistant
  • Sunlight & Ozone Resistant
  • Zinc Plated, Strong Steel Hooks will not Bend, Break or Rust Under Normal Use

1 Year Limited Warranty