40Mm Sure Grip Weather Resistant Padlock

  • Item Number:
  • 172-40081
  • Product Type:
  • Padlock
  • Material:
  • Totally Covered Lam

Description: 40mm lock is constructed with a laminated steel body, then covered with a plastic polymer jacket to resist corrosion, enhanced by a chrome plated, plastic covered steel shackle. The shackle also has "o-rings" to prenet moisture from seeping into the lock body, where corrosion can build. The lock features a 4 pin cylider, making it pick resistant. This product is ideal for trailers, spare tires, tool boxes, bikes, and other valuables left outside.

  • 40mm Weather Resistant padlock
  • Sliding keyway cover keeps locking mechanism dry
  • 4 Pin, pick resistant cylinder
  • Durable jacket for outside usage
  • lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty