40MM Weather Resistant Padlock With 2 Inch Shackle

  • Item Number:
  • 172-42051
  • Product Type:
  • Padlock
  • Material:
  • Lam Steel, Jacket Covered
  • Lamstl Wea

Description: This 40MM padlock is constructed with a laminated steel body and covered with a thermoplastic jacket to resist corrosion. Lock is enhanced by a chrome plated, plastic covered hardened steel shackle. The lock features 4 pin cylinder for increased pick resistance. The lock also has a cover for the cylinder keyway, which keeps dirt, moisture, grime, and snow out. This product is ideal for tool boxes, bike cables, spare tires, and other valuables that might be exposed to the elements.

  • 40MM Weather Resistant padlock
  • Covered 2 inch chrome plated hardened steel shackle for enhanced cut resistance
  • Keyway cover keeps locking mechanism dry
  • 4 Pin, pick resistant cylinder for increased pick resistance
  • Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty