Wiring Kit Trailer, 2 AWG Wire@25'&6'W/Quick Connect KW

  • Item Number:
  • KWA14607
  • Product Type:
  • Winch Accessories

Description: The Trailer Wiring Kit 2 AWG Wire @ 25’ & 6’ with Quick Connect is recommended for all KV and KW Winches. The 6 AWG Wires are color coded, and the Quick Connects allow the user to quickly connect and disconnect from the winch’s power source. The Trailer Wiring Kit with Quick Connects includes everything that the user would need to allow for the portable use of their winch.

  • Allows for Portable Winch use
  • Recommended for 2 AWG Wire and KV and KW Winches
  • Includes 2 AWG Wire @ 25’ & 6’ and Quick Connects in the Kit

1 Year Limited Warranty