Winch Safety Blanket

  • Item Number:
  • KWA400ALL
  • Product Type:
  • Winch Accessories

Description: When working with an electric winch safety should always come first. Our Winch Safety Blanket should always be used when operating an electric winch with Wire Rope to reduce the potential for backlash if a rope failure occurs. During operation and under tension a wire rope holds an enourmous amount of energy and if a failure should happen a Safety Blanket will defuse this energy and offer additional protection to the user and others in the area. Blanket should be positioned around the mid-point of the rope and secured with the velcro strips near the top. Additional pockets are located on each side to add additional weight for great safety.

  • Important accessory for all winches with wire ropes.
  • Defuses stored energy in rope if a failure occors.
  • Secures to wire rope with velcro strips.
  • Includes pockets to add aditional weight for greater safety.

1 Year Warranty Warranty