About Hampton

Our History

Believing he could improve on contemporary lock technology, Dale Hampton invented the weatherproof spare tire padlock. Built in 1973, Dale's new lock was capable of resisting the snow, rain and inclement weather native to his hometown of Denver, Colorado. That same year, Dale founded the Hampton Lock Company. For many years automotive dealers purchased Hampton Lock's weatherproof security products to protect spare tires and other vehicle accessories.

In 1990, Hampton Lock Company was acquired by Hampton Products International Corporation ("Hampton") and was relocated to Southern California from Denver. Hampton's shareholders believed the unique weatherproof locks could provide a strategic foundation on which to develop a complete line of security hardware and related accessory products. Based on this strategy, Hampton quickly developed a reputation for innovation, quality, value and service.

Throughout the 1990's Hampton increased the breadth and scope of its padlock and portable security hardware business. Then in 1998 the company added Brink's® locks to its product line-up. Customer response was immediate. People trusted the Brink's name and purchased more locks than at any time in category history. Hampton responded to this dramatic acceptance by offering Brink's quality products in the door lock and security lighting categories. Most recently the company added a complete line of Hampton builders hardware products to complement the Brink's security hardware collections.

For over 30 years Hampton has grown by providing outstanding performance for its customers. The company's high quality products are backed by unsurpassed warranty protection. Hampton's unique, creative merchandising programs, outstanding service levels and on-time delivery have enabled its retail customers to increase category share while improving profits and customer satisfaction.

Hampton is capable of providing a wide range of residential hardware, lighting and travel security products. The company's innovative, high quality designs coupled with a speed-to-market supply chain infrastructure make Hampton a leader in the hardware and lighting industry. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our special people and quality products.

Hampton Products corporate office

Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Hampton Products International believes that for companies to be good Corporate citizens, improve and flourish they must be responsible and accountable for their stewardship of the planet's resources and treatment of all people. Our focus is upon the manufacture, transportation, sale and disposal of products and packaging, all of which have impacts on energy use, climate change, creation of waste, and impacts to our natural resources.

Hampton's success will be dependent on our capability to produce "green" environmentally sensitive products, packaging and be known as a company with an admirable record in the areas of social and environmental responsibility.

Our goal is to understand the sum of our environmental impact and then to set aggressive goals to reduce our total carbon footprint while improving working conditions, recognizing the dignity of each individual, and, respecting cultural difference within our extended operations.

We look forward to our challenge of being a good respectful corporate citizen of the communities where we operate, serve and support, and, extend this philosophy to our global suppliers.

Employment Opportunities

Hampton is always looking for talented, self-motivated and energetic people to join its fast paced team. At any given time, there may be opportunities in Sales, Marketing, Customer Care, Finance/Accounting, Engineering, R & D, Global Supply Chain, IT, Operations and Human Resources.

Current Open Positions

Our Core Values

These core values reflect what is truly important to us as an organization. These do not change over time or vary based on a situation or individual. These are the foundation of our company culture. Many feel that Hampton Products is a special place to work and these core values are the primary reasons for that feeling. These core values are the soul of our company and they are what set us apart.


"We want to win, but we want to win fairly."

  • We act ethically
  • We are honest


"We honor others."

  • We are interested & concerned for one another
  • We accomplish more by working together


"We take ownership of our actions."

  • We keep our promises
  • We accept the rewards and/or consequences of our actions


"We embrace changes that make us better."

  • We make practical suggestions for improvement while striving for excellence
  • We are continually striving for personal and professional growth


"We love to use facts to try something new."

  • We use logic & determination to create something new or different
  • We identify opportunities to improve the quality of our products and services