Hampton Product International Corporation's Minimum Advertised Price Policy with Sales Restriction on Third-Party Marketplaces

Hampton Products International Corporation (“Hampton”) is actively managing how our brands are advertised and sold on the internet and retail stores. Effective June 1, 2022, this Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) Policy is established to maintain the integrity and value of our brands and intellectual property rights. In-store or online advertising of Hampton’s products (“Products”) listed in Appendix A will be subject to this MAP Policy. This MAP Policy applies to all distributors, distributor stores, wholesalers, retailers, resellers, any affiliates, group members, or customers thereof (collectively “Reseller”) and will be enforced strictly and uniformly.

Products sold must be through authorized distribution channels to assure Product is authentic, has been properly tested and quality controlled, and, if applicable, carries a valid warranty. Resellers selling Product on any third-party marketplaces including but not limited to Amazon.com and Walmart.com is strictly prohibited and violates this MAP policy.

To the extent that any Reseller elects to advertise products of Hampton in any manner, including print, internet, radio, television, electronic media, on its website, on another’s websites, blogs, social media, text messages, emails and provides price information for such products, that price information must be no less than the Minimum Advertised Price. Advertisements and offers to sell that do not include a particular price, but require further action that implies a price that is lower than the Minimum Advertised Price, violate this MAP Policy. Examples of such unauthorized advertisements include “click here for lower price” pricing, “drop in cart” pricing, “add to cart” pricing, “click to see” pricing, “move cursor over” pricing, and discount coupon pricing. Also prohibited are advertisements that indicate that discounts may be available when a customer takes specific action that goes beyond buying the product, such as “special price option” or “name your price.” Direct or indirect efforts to circumvent this MAP Policy violates this MAP Policy.

Temporary sales, discounts, and promotions that effectively lower the retail price of the product below MAP are impossible to enforce, and therefore acceptable (e.g., 10% discount on order totals exceeding $50). However, these discounts must not be applied directly to the advertised price; the advertised price cannot be below the MAP.

In the event that Hampton raises or lowers the MAP for any product, we will notify Resellers in writing in advance of the change.

To assure fair business practices, we will strictly enforce this MAP Policy. Hampton reserves the right not to sell to any Reseller found to be in violation of this MAP Policy. Hampton will not be held responsible for enforcement of this MAP Policy or lack thereof.

Hampton will not discuss any conditions of acceptance related to this MAP Policy, as it is nonnegotiable and will not be altered for any Reseller. In addition, Hampton neither solicits, nor will it accept, any assurance of compliance with this MAP Policy.

Should you have any questions about the products or this MAP policy or wish to report any violations, please reach out to the Hampton in writing at cchi@hamptonproducts.com.